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Uzbekistan's First Ice Complex To Be Built In Tashkent

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 - 22:48

The company “Heerim Architects” (South Korea) will develop a project for the construction of a multi-functional ice complex “Humo Arena” in Tashkent. According to the plans, this sports facility will become the first such complex in Uzbekistan. It will be put into operation as early as 2018. “Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd” (Singapore) will carry out the construction works. The customer is the company “Wind Rose” from Uzbekistan. The project will be financed at the expense of its own funds.


The new ice complex will combine advanced technologies, modern architectural solutions and the traditions of national Uzbek architecture. The complex will be called “Humo” in honor of the mythological bird of happiness and freedom.


The sports complex will have four floors. Its area will total 74,000 square meters. It will include two ice arenas: the main one and the training one. The capacity of the central hall will be 14,000 people. The hall will be multi-functional, with different arrangements of the chairs envisaged. For example, this hall can be used for concerts: in this case, its capacity will be about 10,000 people.


The main rink will be the venue for hockey matches, figure skating, short track and curling competitions. In addition, plans are afoot to provide for the organization of tournaments in summer sports: volleyball, basketball, handball, boxing, taekwondo and others.


In addition to the profile sports facilities, the territory of the complex will also host gyms, an indoor playground, a fitness center, a sports museum, sports equipment stores, catering places and a number of other facilities.

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