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Uzbekistan Plans To Modernize “Uzmetkombinat”

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 13:49

By the end of 2018, the enterprise “Uzmetkombinat” plans to be able to fully to provide the machine-building industry of Uzbekistan with fastening details. This will be possible after the commissioning of a new production facility, which will be established in accordance with the presidential decree of June 23, 2017. The total cost of this project is $31.57 million, and the annual output of finished products will reach 5,000 tons.


Within the framework of this project, “Uzmetkombinat” has concluded a number of contracts with three foreign companies. These include INOXIHP Spa (Italy), which will supply the equipment for hydraulic churning of scale worth $375,000. Sytco A.G. (Switzerland) will supply equipment worth 6.07 million euros for the production of round 16-36 mm hot-rolled products. Berkshire Establishment LLP (Great Britain) will deliver a full equipment complex worth $14.8 million for production of various types of fasteners (nuts, bolts and washers).


The main raw material for production of fasteners will be round hot-rolled steel with a diameter of 6-36 mm produced by “Uzmetkombinat.”


The sources of financing for this investment project will be the Commerz Bank (Germany), which will provide a loan of $6 million refinanced through the “Ipoteka Bank,” a loan of $3.55 million through “Ipoteka Bank,” and a loan in the amount of $12.58 million from the State Development Bank of China refinanced through the National Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs. In addition, “Uzmetkombinat” will use its own funds in the amount of $9.42 million.


“Uzmetkombinat” has been given permission to engage specialized construction and installation organizations and other enterprises of Uzbekistan in various subcontract works.

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