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Uzbekistan Plans To Increase Exports Of Natural Gas

Sunday, June 18, 2017 - 03:58

In the next three years, Uzbekistan is going to bring the annual volume of gas exports to China to the level of 10 billion cubic meters. Alisher Sultanov, Chairman of the Board of the Uzbekneftegaz NHC, provided this information during the meeting of the international press club held in Tashkent on June 15. According to him, this is stipulated in the medium-term agreement that was signed during the visit of President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev to China in May 2017.


“The agreement signed during the visit is a medium-term document that will remain valid for three years; it coordinates the volumes of gas in the framework of the previously concluded large-scale contract. In other words, according to our agreement with the Chinese side, in the period 2018-2020, the annual volume of natural gas exports will surge to the level of 10 billion cubic meters,” Sultanov said.


The head of the Uzbek oil and gas holding stressed that during the visit the parties did not discuss the construction of the fourth branch of the Central Asia-China major gas pipeline.


In addition, “Uzbekneftegaz” plans to establish gas exports to Europe in the near future. “Of course, we are striving to cooperate with Europe. Indirectly, our gas through Gazprom is already delivered to Europe through the Caspian shelf,” the head of the holding stated. In his words, the NHC intends to implement the strategy of entering the European market together with its partners.


According to experts, the Uzbek national holding company can use the Southern Gas Corridor as the potential gas supply route of natural gas to Europe. It can transport gas from the Caspian region in the European direction through Turkey and Georgia.


According to the British Petroleum world energy report, Uzbekistan exported 11.4 billion cubic meters of gas in 2016, while the 2015 figure was only 7.5 billion cubic meters.

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