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Uzbekistan May Cancel “Mobile Slavery” By 2018

Friday, May 19, 2017 - 20:30

By the end of 2017, Uzbekistan may cancel the so-called “mobile slavery.” General director of JSC “Uzbektelecom” Shukhrat Kadirov reported the news while delivering a speech at the meeting of the press club on May 17. According to him, over the last three to four months, discussions on this topic have intensified with both the regulator and the main players operating in the market.


“Over the past three or four months, we have already been working on this issue at the regulator level. We are studying the laws and technical capabilities of this process. At present, frequent meetings are held with representatives and heads of mobile operators, since this issue has recently become more urgent. We will do our best to resolve it within 6-12 months,” Kadirov stressed.


The abolition of “mobile slavery” is the launch of a process in which a subscriber of any cellular operator in Uzbekistan will be able to switch to a different carrier retaining the number.


However, the head of “Uzbektelecom” did not specify whether this service will be paid, and how much it will cost. Nevertheless, judging by the words of Shukhrat Kadirov, the specific information on the abolition of “mobile slavery” will be disclosed very soon.


Worth recalling, in 2017, the total number of subscribers of all mobile operators in Uzbekistan exceeded 21.4 million people. To ensure the widest coverage of the country's regions by mobile communication networks, by April 2017, there were installed over 18,300 base stations of mobile communication. Before the end of the year, this figure will exceed 20,000 units, according to the plans.


At present, Uzbektelecom is carrying out a large-scale restructuring of its communication networks. According to the head of the company, this will improve the quality of services provided by the operator, ensuring their compliance with the latest trends in the global telecommunications market.

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