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Uzbekistan Introducing Solar Outdoor Lighting

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 - 00:52

At present, enterprises that are part of the national holding company “Uzpahtasanoatzksport” (including cotton plants) are replacing traditional outdoor lamps with self-powered lamps powered by solar panels. In total, 1,200 units of outdoor lamps will be replaced at the NHC enterprises throughout the country. According to local publications, “Energosila” (Russia) supplied solar cells for this project.


The total cost of the installed equipment exceeded $1,500,000. Of this amount, $1.2 million was financed by a credit line from the International Development Association through Asaka Bank.


According to preliminary calculations, the “Uzpahtasanoatzksport” Holding Company will save over 2 million kW/h of electricity annually as a result of the project for outdoor solar panels.


Worth recalling, earlier Uzbekistan announced its intention to switch completely to machine cotton harvesting in the near future. In order to completely exclude the collection of cotton by hand, it will be necessary to supply about 10,000 units of cotton harvesting equipment to the domestic market of the republic. According to experts, only this number will make it possible to achieve a 100-percent level of mechanization of cotton harvesting. In general, the modernization of the republic's cotton industry is considered to be of primary importance. Therefore, special attention is paid to the introduction of various related technical innovations.


To date, Uzbekistan's annual production capacity is 1,000-1,500 units of cotton harvesting machines. This year, it is planned to produce more than 600 units. In 2018, at least a thousand units of harvesting machines will be delivered to the domestic market.

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