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Uzbekistan Adopts The Coal Industry Modernization Program

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 00:57

Uzbekistan has approved the program of modernization of the republic's coal industry in the coming years. The reason for the adoption of this document was a number of serious shortcomings discovered in the work of the state monopoly “Uzbekugol.” The main of them are: the weak production discipline; the ineffective operation of the company's equipment; the serious lag in the modernization of capacities, which leads to a lack of progress in the implementation of many investment projects.


According to experts, all this has caused a significant decline in the performance of the industry over the past 5 years. For example, there has occurred a lag of 128.9 million cubic meters in overburden operations, 4 million tons in coal mining, and 320,500 tons in kaolin recovery.


As a result, the President of Uzbekistan not only signed a decree approving a new program for development of the coal industry, but also pronounced a reprimand to Shukhrat Pulatov, the general director of “Uzbekbeak.” The exact wording was, “For failure to ensure the qualitative and timely implementation of the program for modernization, technological and technical re-equipment of coal industry enterprises, which led to its unbalanced development in the period 2013-2018.”


In addition, there were also given instructions to develop by the end of August a set of comprehensive measures aimed at achieving target parameters for coal production and overburden for the next five years. Specific road maps should be developed for each sectoral investment project.


These measures should include the mechanisms for the introduction of modern technologies and replacement of equipment. They must take into account the best international experience that allows to reduce the prime cost of coal mining while ensuring the safety of mining operations.

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