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Uzbek University Graduates Can Receive Two Diplomas

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 16:54

In the near future, Uzbekistan plans to begin actively applying the practice of the so-called Double Degree program (the double diplomas program). According to the Ministry of Secondary Special and Higher Education of the Republic, this practice has spread and gained great popularity in the universities of many other countries. Some of the local educational institutions applied for the introduction of this practice in Uzbekistan.


“We propose primarily to introduce the practice of double diplomas for master's specialties. This means the following: appropriate agreements will be concluded between the Uzbek and foreign higher educational institutions. Their implementation will enable the master's students to undergo training within two programs simultaneously. Consequently, they will be able to obtain two diplomas: one Uzbek and one of the foreign institution,” the ministry representative said.


For successful implementation of such a practice, it is necessary to observe a number of parameters. For example, the learning processes in all universities should have one and the same time period: two or another number of years. Based on this, two programs will be combined for one or more semesters. At the same time, double diplomas will have strict limitations as to available specialties. For example, it will be impossible to obtain diplomas of a physicist and an agronomist at the same time. In other words, this program only applies to related specialties.


In general, the double diploma program will be an excellent chance to receive two diplomas at the same time, both within the undergraduate and graduate programs.

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