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Upcoming International Conference On Food Security In Tashkent

Monday, March 20, 2017 - 23:04

On April 1, 2017, the capital of Uzbekistan will host the international conference “Agro Food Forum 2017.” The theme of this event is food security, as well as the development of technologies for fruit and vegetable processing. GMG (General Machinery Group) is the organizer of this major forum. It is one of the largest suppliers of European equipment for processing various types of fruit and vegetable products in the Central Asian region.


“The steady increase in the number of participants and guests of our annual conference speaks of its high prestige in the food industry, the high relevance of the topics discussed, and the need for holding such forums in open conversation formats. That's why we invite all persons interested in this subject to take part in 'Agro Food Forum 2017' and share their experience with other participants,” said Furkat Bakhramov, the head of GMG.


According to the organizers of the conference, the Tashkent forum will be participated by the leading world companies from Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Italy and the Netherlands. Experts will arrive in Tashkent to discuss the issues related to improving the quality, yield, processing and packaging of vegetables and fruits. In addition, the issues related to the development of farming in the republic will be discussed separately.


Participants of the conference will be able to share experience in the selection of modern technologies, as well as installation and operation of modern equipment. They will explore different possibilities to increase their export volumes. Special attention will be given to the priorities of food security.


Finally, the conference will be a platform for discussion of the issues that are of interest to farmers, industrialists, representatives of medium and small businesses, suppliers and manufacturers of equipment, business consultants and other specialists.

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