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Russian Company To Deliver Mining Equipment To Uzbekistan

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 01:55

The Russian enterprise “Uralmashzavod” (UZTM) plans to conclude a contract providing for the delivery of mining equipment to Uzbek enterprises. According to the press service of the UZTM, the agreement on deliveries of the ECG-5A excavator is currently being prepared for signing with the Navoi MMC. The enterprises plan to sign the first contract for the delivery of the mass-produced excavator ECG-18, as well as several contracts for new crushing and grinding complexes (mills and smart crushers).


Since the early 2000s, “Uralmashzavod” has been delivering various types of mining equipment Uzbekistan. The Navoi and Almalyk MMC received 15 ECG-5A excavators equipped with a new type of drive, which allows to reduce electricity costs by up to 20 percent. In addition, six mills and one cone crusher for ore grinding were also delivered. The Navoi MMC also uses UZTM excavators in the process of loading gold ore at open pit mines.


Worth recalling, the cooperation of these enterprises began back in the Soviet times, in 1970. Since then, about 200 excavators have been commissioned.


According to Mikhail Gunitsev, the head of the mining equipment division of UMPC, two excavators with a bucket capacity of 5 cubic meters will be shipped to Navoi MMC in 2017. Their delivery is scheduled for June and November, respectively.


In addition, in May 2017, an agreement for the delivery of excavators to Uzbekistan was concluded by “IZ-KARTEKS Korobkov.” This manufacturer of mining equipment will deliver 37 excavators (ECG-10, ECG-15 and ECG-8US) to “Uzbekugol,” Almalyk and Navoysky MMC in 2017-2020. In total, more than 40 machines have been delivered to Uzbekistan since 2010.


The delivery time of the ECG-5A excavator in accordance with the contract to be signed by 2018.

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