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Regulations on Entry to Higher Education to Be Changed in Uzbekistan

Monday, May 19, 2014 - 00:07

Starting with the 2014-2015 academic year, Uzbekistan will change the rules for admission to higher education. Thus, the changes will affect the testing in Mathematics, which is to include questions and tasks related to the informational technologies and computer science. As a result, the overall number of questions in Mathematics will reach 30, topped with 6 of those on informational technologies and computer science.


In addition, tests on 108 of 168 topics are planned to include tasks in informational technologies and computer science. In particular, some of these topics are: “Teaching methodology of astronomy and physics,” “Teaching methodology of mathematics,” “Electronics and instrumentation technology,” “Taxation and tax assessment,” and others.


The list of academic disciplines, tests in which precede the admission to the Bachelor’s program, will be profoundly renovated. Foreign languages testing will be introduced to 24 new areas of higher education, their total number, therefore, growing from 35 to 59. These include such areas as: Telecommunication, Automobile Production and Tractor Industry, Energy Development, and others.


Physics is to become the major in a total of 20 directions, including Geophysics, Mechanics, Petrochemical and Gas Industry, Mining Engineering, Electromechanics, Electrical engineering and Electrotechnics. Finally, the number of educational directions with biology as the major will grow from 18 to 21. These are: Veterinary Science, Seed Production and Crop Selection, and others.


Noteworthy, the list of tasks and questions concerning the admission testing disciplines was also revised and pivotally renovated.

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