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New Edition Of The Law On Protection Of Wildlife Adopted In Uzbekistan

Saturday, September 24, 2016 - 16:29

On September 19, Acting President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyayev signed a new version of the law of the republic “On protection and use of wildlife.” The document was adopted by the lower house of parliament on July 21, and then approved by the upper house on August 24. The new version of the law was submitted to the Parliament as a legislative initiative by the group of deputies in order to further improve the legal framework regarding protection and use of fauna, to improve the efficiency of the reproduction system, to rationally manage all types of wildlife, and to preserve their habitats. In addition, it also provides for direct action of the law.


The amendments introduced to the existing law have secured new legal norms, which are aimed at improving the effectiveness of law enforcement practices and eliminating gaps in the legislation related to the functions of the integrated protection of the gene pool of wild animals as part of the biological diversity. The purpose of the amendments was to bring the provisions of existing laws in line with the previously adopted laws and other regulations.


The new law sets out the powers enjoyed by the public authorities and self-government bodies, non-profit non-governmental organizations and citizens with regard to implementation of practical measures aimed at protection and rational use of wildlife.


The document includes important provisions, which determine the legal regime of imports and exports of wildlife, the ban on withdrawal of the Red Book of animals from their natural environment, the procedure for various biotech activities related to sustainable use of wildlife and preservation of their habitats.

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