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Most Popular Cars In Uzbekistan In 2016

Saturday, February 4, 2017 - 11:56

The Internet ads portal OLX has analyzed the 2016 statistics in Uzbekistan to find out which cars were most popular among the residents of the republic. As it turned out, the undisputed leader is the brand Chevrolet, which accounts for about 56 percent of all deals concluded. Russian VAZ is in the second place with a considerable gap: cars of this brand accounted for 16.5 percent. The third place went to a brand from South Korea, Daewoo, which was picked by one in ten cur buyers in 2016.


The top five also included the German brand Mercedes and Russian GAZ. About 2 percent of the total number of the 2016 car purchase deals account for each of these brands. The shares of the other top ten brands amounted to 0.7 to 2 percent of the market; most of the deals accounted for the German company BMW and Russian Moskvich. They are followed by Hyundai (South Korea), and the top ten is completed by the Japanese brands Nissan and Toyota, each with a share of about 0.8 percent.


In terms of specific models, the leader is Chevrolet Spark, which accounted for 16.6 percent of the deals. The second place went to Lacetti (12.9 percent); Chevrolet Nexia was the third, followed by Matiz, which lags behind by about 0.5 percent. 7.4 percent accounted for Cobalt, Daewoo Matiz ranked the sixth with a result of 4.4 percent, followed by Chevrolet Captiva and Daewoo Nexia (3.9 percent each). VAZ-2106 demonstrated a result of 3 percent of the total deals. The rest of the car market of Uzbekistan accounted for other models.


The most low cost cars sold through OLX can be bought for UZS2,000,000. A low-mileage luxury SUV Mercedes G55 is sold for $130,000.

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