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Gazprom International To Operate New Projects In Uzbekistan

Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 01:56

The management of Gazprom International held a series of meetings with the heads of a number of oil and gas companies of other countries, during which the parties discussed the key issues related to bilateral cooperation in the oil and gas sector. In particular, representatives of Gazprom International took part in the official ceremony of signing the agreement on strategic cooperation, which was concluded between Gazprom and the national holding company Uzbekneftegaz. The document was signed by Alexey Miller, the chairman of the board of the Russian concern, and Gulomzhon Ibragimov, the chairman of the board of governors of Uzbekneftegaz and deputy prime minister of Uzbekistan.


This agreement with the participation of two companies provides for organizing the interaction between the parties in the process of implementing a number of new projects in Uzbekistan. In particular, these projects relate to the construction, reconstruction and operation of various facilities designed for geological exploration, gas infrastructure, hydrocarbon production, processing and storage. Gazprom International will function as the operator of these new projects.


Worth recalling, the Russian and Uzbek companies have already signed a number of agreements in recent months, including the production sharing agreements (PSAs) for a number of projects. In particular, they have figured out the development of a large gas field in the territory of Surkhandarya Province in southern Uzbekistan.


According to another agreement signed by the parties, Gazprom undertakes to purchase up to five billion cubic meters of natural gas in Uzbekistan annually during the next five years. Worth recalling, in 2016, the Russian side acquired about 6.2 billion cubic meters of gas in Uzbekistan.

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