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Demographic Statistics Of Uzbekistan In The Family And Marriage Sphere

Monday, July 3, 2017 - 22:53

In Uzbekistan, a survey has been conducted among representatives of the younger generation to identify a number of indicators of demographic statistics. Its results have been published in the monograph titled “Youth of Central Asia: Uzbekistan.” Its authors were two independent experts: candidate of sociological sciences Azamat Seyitov and expert in political science Bakhtiyor Ergashev. They analyzed the information received during the survey.


The survey was participated by young people aged 14 to 29 years; they were asked several questions. The question “How do you see yourself in the future?” brought the following results. The majority answered “married, with family” (76 percent of respondents), 12 percent said they would live with a partner, and 2 percent answered that would live without a partner, but with a child (or several children).


Answering the question “What do you think is the main advantage of marriage in comparison with cohabitation?,” 57 percent of the respondents answered that marriage increases the responsibility of partners before each other. Another 19 percent said that marriage also increases the responsibility of parents before their children.


According to 73 percent of the respondents, the most acceptable marriage age for women is 20-23 years. 36.9 percent of respondents said 20 years is the best age, 16.6 percent believe it's 22 years, 9.7 percent think women should get married at 21 years, and 9.7 percent spoke for the age of 23 years. Early marriages were not approved (only 0.4 percent of respondents said 17 years was the best age for getting married). Neither were late marriages (the age of 30 years was called the optimal age for marriage by only 0.3 percent)


As for men, the best age for marriage for them is 22-26 years, according to respondents. 84.4 percent of them expressed this opinion. The age of 25 years was specified by 41.1 percent, 24 years by 17 percent, 23 years by 9.3 percent, 22 years by 8.7 percent, and 26 years by 8.3 percent.

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