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30 New Pharmaceutical Companies To Be Created In Uzbekistan By 2018

Sunday, February 12, 2017 - 19:51

By the end of 2017, up to 30 large pharmaceutical companies will be commissioned in Uzbekistan. It became possible due to the benefits recently granted to manufacturers of medicines and medical products. According to head of the State Joint Stock Company “Uzfarmsanoat” Mirzanozim Dusmuratov, currently about 140 pharmaceutical enterprises operate in the country, producing more than 2,000 names of various drugs.


“It is clear that this level is not sufficient yet, so in order to ensure a real import substitution, the industry should undergo more intensive development. With this purpose, the president issued a series of documents that ensure specific benefits for pharmaceutical manufacturers. These conditions will allow to put into operation about 30 large pharmaceutical companies in 2017,” Dusmuratov said.


To date, the local production in the pharmaceuticals market of Uzbekistan has exceeded the level of 50 percent; by the end of 2017 this figure is expected to increase to the level of 70 percent.


In addition, the head of the department also said that the list of drugs sold at fixed prices will be expanded in 2017, due to the localization of production.


According to Dusmuratova, the industry has good prospects, and in the future the prices of domestically produced products will only decline.


The chairman of the state-owned company also cited the statistics, according to which in 2016 the enterprises of Uzbekistan released products worth $340 million. Given that local medical products are significantly cheaper than imported ones, the savings will amount to approximately $700 million. According to the forecasts of “Uzpharmsanoat,” this indicator will be even higher in 2017.

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