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The Week Of Culture In Ashgabat

Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 21:53

The capital of Turkmenistan is hosting the Culture Week 2017, which is timed to coincide with the Day of the Workers of Culture and Art. This event was held for the first time in 2013, in the territory of the National Tourist Zone “Avaza.” Then it was gradually introduced in other regions of the country, presenting all the diversity of the historical and cultural heritage of the regions. According to the organizers, the Culture Week is aimed at the deep study, preservation and wide popularization of the spiritual heritage of the Turkmen people, as well as the search for new talents and stimulation of the professional growth of creative workers.


In addition, such an annual event showcases the entire range and palette of modern Turkmen culture, reflecting all kinds of national art: music, opera, theatrical and cinematographic, decorative and applied, folk art and literature.


The opening ceremony of the Culture Week 2017 took place at the Palace of Mukams of the State Cultural Center. Members of the government, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and its subordinate structures, the country's creative universities, institutes of the Academy of Sciences, the public and the media took part in it. In addition, the event was also attended by artists and culture figures, as well as student youth. A big concert was held on the stage of the Mukams Palace; popular creative groups and masters of the arts delivered their performances.


The opening ceremony of the Culture Week 2017 was continued at the cinema and concert center “Turkmenistan.” There took place a creative meeting with the authors of the “At-Myrat” art film launched in the cinemas of Turkmenistan in 2017. The film is dedicated to the Akhal-Teke horses, which have been recognized a priceless world-level heritage.

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