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Turkmenistan Offered New Solutions Of Dual Citizenship Problem

Tuesday, February 16, 2016 - 13:53

The Russian Federation has addressed Turkmenistan suggesting new legal options of solving the problem related to almost 9,600 Turkmen dual nationals (persons with dual nationality), who have received Russian citizenship as a second one after Turkmenistan adopted laws on non-recognition of dual citizenship. As a result, these persons lost the right to have Turkmen passports. According to deputies of the Russian Federation Council, it is necessary to make appropriate changes to the related regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan.


Earlier, the topic was discussed by chairman of the committee for organization and regulation of parliamentary activities of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Vadim Tyulpanov and Akja Nurberdieva, the chairperson of the Turkmen parliament, in the framework of the former's visit to Ashgabat on February 11-12. Nurberdieva promised to submit the proposals of the Russian parliamentarians to the Turkmen head of state.


“Our proposals relate to both full legal abolition of the existing restrictions on issuance of Turkmen passports to dual nationals, and extension of the terms for selection of a single nationality by dual nationals. For those people who are above the law in their own country because of legal and diplomatic inconsistencies, the adoption of an options offered by us could become a salvation. For now many people are unable to visit their relatives in Russia,” Vadim Tyulpanov said.


Worth recalling, the long-term and multi-level diplomatic negotiations concerning the solution of this problem have not yet yielded any significant results.

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