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Turkmenistan Cuts Down Gas Production For The First Time In Years

Friday, June 16, 2017 - 17:19

In 2016, Turkmenistan reduced its natural gas production for the first time in seven years: from 69.6 to 66.8 billion cubic meters or by about 4 percent as compared to the 2015 indicator. Such figures are given in the BP annual statistical survey that was recently published in the media. Worth recalling, the previous drop in production occurred in 2009, when the relations between Turkmenistan and Russia aggravated, which led to the stagnation of the country's gas sector. Within the year, the natural gas production volumes decreased almost twofold: from 66.1 to 36.4 billion cubic meters.


Worth recalling, in January 2016, the Russian concern “Gazprom” refused from the purchases of natural gas from Turkmenistan due to a violation of the terms of the contract concluded by the parties. The Russian side expects to resume purchases not before 2018.


In addition, the volume of natural gas deliveries to Iran also decreased: from 7.2 billion cubic meters in 2015 to 6.7 billion cubic meters in 2016. And even the certain increase in gas supplies to China could not compensate for all these losses.


In the end, the total volume of exports decreased from 38.1 billion cubic meters in 2015 to 37.3 billion cubic meters in 2016. Unlike during the previous years, the domestic demand did not show any significant growth. It increased only by 100 million cubic meters, to the level of 29.5 billion cubic meters.


Turkmenistan sticks to its plans to increase the volumes of export supplies, laying its hopes on the new TAPI gas main pipeline, which will be commissioned in 2019. The beginning of regular gas supplies through the new pipeline is scheduled for early 2020.

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