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Tajikistan Fights Against Terrorism And Extremism

Thursday, September 22, 2016 - 15:55

Since the beginning of 2016, law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan returned more than 150 citizens who had been accused of committing extremist and terrorist crimes. The press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported the news on September 19. It cited the statement of Minister of Internal Affairs Ramazon Rahimzoda, which he had made during an international meeting of participants of the “Kalkan” project under the auspices of Interpol. “All these individuals were active members of terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State (133 persons), Jamaati Ansorulloh (5 persons), as well as the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, the Group 24, Salafi, Jamaati Tabligh and a number of other organized crime groups,” he said.


According to the press center, the head of the Tajik Interior Ministry thanked the police and security agencies of Russia, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Afghanistan and some other countries for the assistance they provided in the process of detection, identification and arrest of the accused.


“The practice of criminal cases shows that most of the citizens of Tajikistan who are involved in the armed conflicts in Syria and Iraq are gradually realizing that their vulnerability was the reason they have been misled by using ideologically alien views and promises of material and false spiritual values,” the Minister said.


“Taking into account the urgency of the problem, as an incentive rule on the initiative of the Interior Ministry, the Criminal Code of the Republic was introduced a number of amendments, which provide for exemption from criminal responsibility of those who have voluntarily stopped their participation in illegal in armed conflict,” Ramadan Rahimzoda said.

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