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Embassy of Turkmenistan in Azerbaijan holds contest among young artists

Monday, April 9, 2012 - 19:36

Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Azerbaijan Republic will hold a republican contest jointly with the Children and Youth Palace of Creative Arts Named After T.Ismaylov under the Ministry of Education of the Azerbaijan Republic on the occasion of 20-year anniversary of diplomatic relationship between Turkmenistan and Azerbaijan.

The republican contest among young artists on a subject of "The Turkmen-Azerbaijan relations - shining example of real friendship and brotherhood" is held in three age categories:

1. 3-6 years;
2. 7-10 years;
3. 11-16 years

Works shall be accepted from April 5, 2012 to May 25, 2012 by Organizing Committee of "Children's world" Gallery named after T.Ismaylov, which is located on following address: 28 May str., 21.

The participants' pictures should be provided in A2 and А3 formats, no more than 2 drawings per one participant. Contact information of the participants should be specified on the back side of the picture(s).

The winners of the competition shall be awarded by valuable presents of Embassy of Turkmenistan in the Azerbaijan Republic and the sponsor organizations.

The jury from famous Azerbaijani artists will define 3 winners in each category, and also the best work.

Rewarding ceremony will be held at exhibition opening on June 9, 2012.

For additional information please contact us by following phones: +99412 4981552 (Organizing committee), +99412 4981553 (Organizing committee management), +99412 5963527 (Embassy of Turkmenistan).

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