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Ashgabat Hosts The Exhibition “International Economic Cooperation 2017”

Friday, June 30, 2017 - 00:46

On June 20, the universal exhibition “International Economic Cooperation 2017” opened in Ashgabat. Its purpose is to demonstrate the opportunities of the Turkmen market and the prospects for cooperation of enterprises of various industries. The event was organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. More than 80 state and private enterprises, companies and organizations were the participants of the exhibition. Of them, 56 companies were foreign and represented 20 countries.


The exhibition participants presented new high-tech LED lamps and outdoor LED lighting systems. A special place among the exhibits was occupied by energy-saving technologies and environmentally friendly systems.


As of today, technology, machinery and equipment have come to the forefront in the overall structure of import supplies to Turkmenistan. This was taken into account in the process of organizing the exhibition. Its guests were interested in obtaining detailed information on the kinds of goods, services and other products that are currently in greatest demand in the Turkmen market.


The exposition presented by the Turkmen enterprises demonstrated the process of reorganization and modernization of all branches of the national economy: primarily energy, food and textile industries, agriculture and processing. In addition, there were widely represented various food products: dairy, meat, bakery, confectionery and other types of products of Turkmen producers, as well as various household and other types of consumer goods.


The pavilion dedicated to the development of sanatorium and resort infrastructure, the sphere of recreation and tourism was demonstrated separately.

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