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1.5 Billion Dollars Has Been Invested in Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Turkey

Tuesday, March 18, 2014 - 19:02

More than 1.5 billion dollars has already been invested in the project for the construction of the first Turkish Nuclear Power Plant Akkuyu. It was reported by Sergey Kirienko, the CEO of Rosatom, the state nuclear energy corporation, during his meeting with the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey, Taner Yıldız. According to his words, it’s just a beginning, while even larger-volume investments can be expected soon.

“We have already invested more than 1.5 billion dollars in the initial stage of the project for the construction of Akkuyu NPP realization”. – Kirienko said. – “Meanwhile, we suppose that local companies must receive commissions for construction and installation works implement for a total amount of more than five billion dollars”.
He also highlighted that for the time of execution of construction works the state budget will get several billion dollars in the form of tax liabilities. “Our project is developing rather successfully, and by the 27th of March we are going to present an updated draft for environment impact assessment (EIA) in the Ministry of Ecology”.
The Turkish Minister, in his turn, reported that between the parties trust-based, partnership relations were established. “As a rule, EIA is an about 500 pages long document. In our situation it has been enlarged to nearly 3500 pages. However, it’s our first NPP, and our experts have a great desire to ask questions, to learn as much as possible. In general, we are going to do our best, and put the first plant unit into service by the end of 2019”.
It is to be recalled that the agreement between the Governments of Russia and Turkey about collaboration in the field of construction and further exploitation of Akkuyu nuclear power plant was signed in the course of Dmitry Medvedev’s visit to Turkey in 2010.
According to the project, NPP will consist of four 1200 MW nuclear power plant units. Annual electricity output will be about 35 bln kilowatt-hours.

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