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Tajikistan Said To Be The Main “Supplier” Of Suicide Bombers For ISIS

Saturday, March 11, 2017 - 19:22

According to the recent report of the International Center for Combating Terrorism, the natives of Tajikistan are more likely to become suicide bombers of the Islamic State than people from other countries. As indicated in the document, in the period December 2015 – December 2016, 27 terrorist attacks were carried out in Iraq and Syria by suicide bombers who has arrived from Tajikistan. Next in the list are Morocco and Saudi Arabia (17 people from each country), followed by Tunisia (14), Russia (13), Egypt (11), Palestine (9), Iran and China (7), Turkey and Uzbekistan (4), Afghanistan and Kazakhstan (2 people from each country).


“As reported by the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, Ramazon Rahimzod. 36 terrorist acts were prevented in the republic in 2016. In addition, there were detained 50 people who had planned attacks in Dushanbe and several other cities of the country. According to the authorities, in 2016, due to extensive preventive and agitation work with the population, there were much fewer cases of the Tajik citizens' involvement in terrorist and extremist groups,” the comments section of the document says.


As follows from the information provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, a total of over 1,000 citizens of the republic are currently at war in Syria on the side of various terrorist groups. In 2016, more than 150 Tajik citizens accused of religious extremism and terrorism were returned to their homeland from the Middle Eastern countries.


Among the citizens of Tajikistan who joined the ranks of the Islamic State, the most famous is the former commander of the OMON of the republic, Gulmurod Halimov. The US authorities announced a fee of $3 million for information on his whereabouts.

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