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Tajikistan Hosting A Major Trade Fair

Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 15:29

The administrative center of Sughd Province of Tajikistan, the city of Khujand, hosted the fourth trade fair “Sughd 2017.” This traditional event is intended to demonstrate the achievements of the region, which has been recognized as the most economically developed province of the country. The event is also a platform for development of international cooperation in the field of investment and business.


This year's fair was participated by more than 200 entrepreneurs representing all regions of Tajikistan, as well as businessmen from 10 countries and representatives of 23 different international organizations.


This year, the fair included not only presentations of products manufactured in the province and their promotion. The even hosted a series of round tables and business conferences, during which businessmen, government officials and experts discussed the priorities of the region's development and the most important infrastructure projects.


In addition, during the business forums, there was presented a large-scale project for modernization of the regional infrastructure. The forum participants discussed the project in detail. It envisaged construction of a new railway, development of free economic zones in the province, construction of a new satellite city for Khujand, and introduction of new lands into agricultural circulation.


Tourism is one of the most important areas that may become the locomotives of the region's economic growth, which is explained by a number of reasons. According to experts, Sughd Province has its advantages: a good climate, picturesque and diverse landscapes. In addition, the Ferghana Valley grows a wide variety of fruits and berries that are widely used in Tajik national cuisine. The region has largely preserved the traditional way of life, folk crafts and national culture.


Worth adding, according to the results of the international economic fair “Sughd 2017,” businessmen of Tajikistan and Uzbekistan concluded a total of 73 agreements worth $2.5 million.

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