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Russia Delivers Emergency Rescue Vehicles To Tajikistan

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 17:37

The Committee for Emergency Situations and Civil Defense of Tajikistan has received emergency rescue equipment worth about $500,000 from the Russian Embassy in the republic. According to the press service of the Russian diplomatic mission, 11 units of various heavy emergency rescue equipment were transferred to the Committee's use, including 6 URAL vehicles and 5 GAZ Vepr cross-country vehicles. This equipment is designed to solve special problems arising in the context of rescue operations.


According to the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of Russia in Tajikistan, Igor Lyakin-Frolov, in order to be able to quickly overcome the consequences of any natural disasters, it is necessary to create mechanisms for prompt response to such disasters.


“The cooperation between the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia and the CoES of Tajikistan is one of the main directions of development of bilateral cooperation between our countries,” Lyakin-Frolov stated. According to him, Russia's EMERCOM will train personnel for their Tajik colleagues.


“This cooperation will continue and develop. We are always ready to help Tajikistan, which is our strategic partner in the region of Central Asia,” the Russian ambassador said.


The transfer of this special equipment was carried out within the framework of the project “Strengthening the capacity for response and training” financed by Russia through the trust fund of the UN Development Program.


“The mechanism includes the UN Trust Fund. It has once again clearly demonstrated the concrete results of humanitarian assistance from the Russian Federation, which is distinguished by its high efficiency and the targeted focus of its projects,” the Russian ambassador added.


The head of the CoES of Tajikistan, Rustam Nazarzoda, thanked the Russian government. According to him, the second tranche of this component will be received before the end of 2017. It will include special rescue equipment designed for work in emergency zones.

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