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International Symposium On Sustainable Development In Dushanbe

Wednesday, June 14, 2017 - 19:11

The capital of Tajikistan has hosted an international high-level symposium on the theme “Strengthening cooperation in achieving sustainable development in the context of current challenges and threats.” At the opening ceremony of this event President Emomali Rahmon said that the strengthening of cooperation in the process of achieving the goals of sustainable development was closely linked with the joint initiatives aimed at ensuring sustainable peace and eliminating the current threats.


“The adoption of the 2030 global sustainable development agenda by the UN General Assembly coincided with the period when millions of civilians in many different places of the world had to face such dangerous threats as geopolitical conflicts and clashes, as well as religious conflicts,” Rahmon said.


According to the Tajik president, no country is able to achieve success in combating threats to its security alone. As a way to “get out of this extremely dangerous maelstrom,” he noted the expansion and deepening of cooperation both at the regional and global levels in terms of ensuring sustainable development.


According to E. Rahmon, the consequences of financial, economic, food and energy crises, together with the climate change, are a serious barrier for many countries, especially developing and landlocked countries. This barrier counters their efforts to achieve sustainable social and economic development.


The symposium was participated by Secretary General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres, and the heads of various regional and international organizations accredited in Dushanbe. Representatives of the Tajik government, experts and journalists also attended the event.

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