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Eurasian Youth Initiatives Discussed In Tajikistan

Wednesday, June 28, 2017 - 18:30

On June 16, an international round table devoted to the problems and prospects for development of the youth movement in the Eurasian space took place at the Institute of Energy of Tajikistan in Dushanbe. The organizer of the event was the “Eurasian Commonwealth,” a Russian fund for social and economic development headquartered in Chelyabinsk. Within its framework, representatives of state structures, public organizations, law enforcement agencies, as well as teachers, journalists and youth presented a new Russian-Tajik project titled “The Youth Student Movement – Eurasian Express.” In addition, they opened a new international club called “Young Economists of Eurasia.”


According to the Vice-Rector for International Activity of the South Ural State University and President of the Eurasian Commonwealth Foundation, Victor Katotkov, a significant task is to promote the importance of economic development of Russia and Tajikistan. The younger generation also needs to gain experience in international economic projects and socially-oriented entrepreneurial activity, while also exchanging ideas and knowledge.


Azizdjon Azimov, the head of the sector on the work with young people of the Department for Tourism, Sports and Youth of Khatlon Province, noted that the youth's activity acquires special meaning at crucial moments of history. “The prospects of the society largely depend on the possible extent of awakening the energy of young people. As history shows, when it was possible to unite and rally our young people, the society was very noticeably progressing in the process of solving the existing problems.”


The speakers also stressed that many threats to security result from low levels of income and education. That is why the youth student movement “Eurasian Express” together with the Club of Young Economists of Eurasia will do their best to promote the development of social activity and education of the youth in Tajikistan and Russia.

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