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American Embassy In Dushanbe Warns Of Possible Terrorist Attacks In Tajikistan

Sunday, November 13, 2016 - 18:10

On November 9, the US Embassy in Tajikistan issued an official message, warning about the threat of terrorist acts occurring in the republic. According to the US diplomatic mission, there is information about possible attempts of terrorist groups to cross the Afghan border; after that they might try to perform a number of attacks in crowded places. Therefore, US citizens have been advised to avoid public transportation if possible. Those who are currently in the territory of the Gorno-Badakhshan autonomous region should refrain from cycling in the dark and from camping near the Afghan border, especially in densely populated areas.


It became known earlier that a large-scale clearing military operation “Shafak-2” will be launched soon in Kunduz Province, which is located in northern Afghanistan and borders on Tajikistan. After that, the operation will spread further to cover the entire Afghan territory.


In addition, in an interview to one of the Afghan media, commander Sheraziz Kamavol said that militant groups of the “Taliban” movement have begun to attack the government forces in northern Afghanistan more actively in order to facilitate the penetration of foreign terrorists to the territory of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.


According to the management of the border service of the State Committee of National Security of Tajikistan, in January-September 2016, the Tajik-Afghan border witnessed a total of 22 clashes. In their course, 12 Afghan drug smugglers were eliminated,, another 15 were detained, and six were injured.


The Tajik-Afghan border is one of the main routes of smuggling of Afghan drugs into Russia and Europe through Central Asia. Afghanistan also has long been the world leader in production of opiates.

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