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Trade In Kyrgyzstan: The 2016 Results

Monday, February 13, 2017 - 16:56

In 2016, the trade industry of Kyrgyzstan offered goods imported from 131 countries to the citizens of the republic. The products manufactured in Kyrgyzstan were available in 82 countries. This is stated in the report of the National Statistical Committee of the Republic, which also indicates that the non-CIS countries have been purchasing less Kyrgyz goods recently. Overall, the deliveries decreased by $26 million; most of this reduction accounted for the exports of aviation kerosene, non-monetary gold and cotton.


Switzerland purchases the largest amount of the products manufactured by Kyrgyz enterprises; its share in the total export sales accounts for 41 percent. This country acquired Kyrgyzstan-produced gold worth $517 million. Turkey bought fruits and vegetables worth $30 million; in addition, cotton worth $10 million was sold to this country.


In addition, it became known that about a quarter of all Kyrgyz exports in terms of value was obtained from the sale of various products and goods to the EEU countries. So, in the period January-November 2016, Russian citizens bought fruits and vegetables of Kyrgyz origin in the amount equal to $32 million. Residents of Kazakhstan spent $12 million on the Kyrgyz dairy products, $33 million on fruits and vegetables, and another $4 million on paper and cardboard.


In January-November 2016, the volume of products imported to Kyrgyzstan decreased by $365 million as compared to the same period of 2015. This was due to a revenue decrease of $98 million for diesel fuel, $34 million for meat and meat products, and $32.2 million for medication. In addition, the imports of chocolate decreased by $10 million.


The largest volume of imports accounted for the share of Russia. The imports of oil and oil products amounted to $254 million, the gas imports totaled $34 million, and the imports of iron and steel products totaled $87 million.

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