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Kyrgyzstan May Close All Amusement Parks

Sunday, June 4, 2017 - 21:31

At present, a large-scale check of amusement parks located in the territory of Kyrgyzstan is underway. It was started in mid-May, after a carousel collapsed in the city of Osh. As a result of the national inspection, the work of two amusement parks was suspended in Bishkek on June 2. In accordance with the instruction of the State Ecological Inspectorate, the metropolitan parks “Ata Türk” and “Asanbay” have ceased the activities of their amusement rides. According to local mass media reports, it is quite possible that as the inspection will result in stopping the activities of all amusement parks throughout the country.


Worth recalling, on May 14, 2017, a carousel collapsed in the park “Alisher Navoi” in the city of Osh. As a result, 11 people were injured with varying degrees of severity, and one of the carousel passengers still needs intensive care. As it turned out after the accident, although the attraction was technically faulty, there is no one to take responsibility. There is simply no special supervisory authority for such parks, and the State Ecological Inspectorate supervises the parks infrastructure only partially.


“Inspecting the amusement rides is beyond our competence. We only check the parks for fire safety and prevent the cut-down of trees there,” said Kurvanba Raimova, the deputy head of the State Ecological Inspectorate in Osh.


Upon the fact of this carousel collapse, a criminal case has been initiated under the article “Violation of the rules of exploitation of technical means.”


On May 15, the topic of the safety of children's amusement rides was simultaneously raised in the government and the parliament. After the discussions, it turned out that no one in the republic had the authority to carry out security checks of such facilities.


Following the government meeting, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Sooronbai Jeenbekov took personal control over the issue.

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