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Kyrgyzstan Finds Investors For Construction Of New Hydroelectric Power Stations

Monday, July 3, 2017 - 18:24

Kyrgyzstan has managed to find an investor for the project for construction of the Upper Naryn cascade of hydroelectric power stations in the territory of the republic. President Almazbek Atambayev made this statement while delivering a speech to summarize his official visit to Moscow. “We were able to find an investor in the Upper Narynsky cascade. At the end of July, an appropriate agreement will be signed,” Atambayev said. Worth recalling, Russia was supposed to be the investor initially.


According to the President of Kyrgyzstan, he has discussed the construction of new hydroelectric power stations during his recent meeting with Vladimir Putin.


“We had a conversation on the issue of hydropower plants. I told Vladimir Vladimirovich this was a big mistake on the part of the Russian side, a mistake committed by the leadership of the relevant departments. One day you will understand this and punish them,” Atambaev said.


In his words, Kyrgyzstan is currently looking for an investor to implement the Kambar-Atu-1 construction project. According to Atambaev, this project is “a key to the water resources of the entire Central Asian region.”


“I would like to see the construction carried out jointly with the countries located in the lower reaches, namely Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan,” Atambayev said, indicating that the presidents of both countries had given their consent.


Worth recalling, the meeting of the presidents of Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation took place in Moscow on June 20. A. Atambayev arrived on the eve of the meeting. He and Putin met informally in order to discuss the cooperation of the two countries.


In accordance with the 2009 agreements, Kyrgyzstan and Russia were to jointly start construction of the Kambarata HPP-1. The Russian side allocated a loan of $1.7 billion for this project. In addition, Kyrgyzstan also received a state loan of $300 million and a grant of $150 million.

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