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The First Urban Forum to Be Held in Bishkek

Sunday, May 4, 2014 - 18:40

On June 6 and 7, the National Library of Kyrgyzstan will host the first Upgrade Urban Forum addressing the development strategy of the republic's capital Bishkek. This was announced by the director of the Urban Initiative public fund Raushanna Sarkeyeva during a press conference held on Wednesday, April 30. According to her, the concept of this event was drawn up last year when the mayor's office of the capital together with the city council mapped out the development strategy of Bishkek.


“We clearly understood the need to create a platform on which different people will have the opportunity to express their opinion and to achieve a single concept. This forum will be organized for the city and its citizens,” she said.


As revealed by the press service of the Bishkek city administration, the Urban Forum will be an international conference in the field of urban planning, urban studies and related disciplines. It will also become a platform for exchanging experiences, where municipal officials, experts and active citizens will be able to discuss issues and projects of their concern.


According to the director of the Development Agency of Bishkek Azamat Usubaliev, the forum will have two important aspects, namely the interaction with civil society and the generation of ideas on how to make the city better and safer. The more so, as Bishkek is now facing a number of tasks related to transport development, housing, etc.


The forum program will run for two days, during which two main trends of modern urbanism – “The City Development Strategy” and “The City for Life” – will be discussed. After that, the experts will continue the discussion in sections to work out various solutions applicable to the city of Bishkek.


The forum will be organized by the Urban Initiative public fund in cooperation with the Youth Cultural Center Foundation upon the initiative of the Bishkek City Mayor's Office. The event will be financially supported by the Soros Kyrgyzstan Foundation.


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