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Bishkek Witnesses A Terrorist Attack Against The Chinese Embassy

Friday, September 2, 2016 - 03:05

On August 30, a powerful explosion occurred near the building of the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyzstan, which is located in Bishkek. As a result, one person was killed and three people were injured. According to the Department of Internal Affairs of the republic's capital, on August 30, at about 10 am local time (or about 7 pm Moscow time), an unknown person in a car made an attempt to ram the gates of the embassy complex, which resulted in an explosion. The criminal died on the spot; two security guards of the embassy were injured.


“The person who was in the car died at the scene; the Embassy fence and gate were damaged,” the city police department reports. It was also pointed out that the attacker came to the embassy driving a Mitsubishi Delica car.


Official representative of the State National Security Committee of Kyrgyzstan Rahat Sulaymanov reported that an operatively-investigatory group is working at the scene. “After the group completes its work on the explosion incident, we will be able to draw conclusions,” he said.


Sulaymanov also confirmed that the man who was in the car died on the spot. Three local residents who worked in the territory of the diplomatic mission were injured. There were no casualties among the Chinese diplomats. After the incident, all the staff of the diplomatic mission was evacuated.


Later, the Ministry of Health reported that the victims' injuries were moderate. “The victims of the explosion were diagnosed with bruises and concussions. They were only moderately wounded, and now there is no threat to their lives,” the ministry informs.


As testified by witnesses, the explosion was so powerful that it was heard by people in almost all areas of Bishkek.

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