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Three Terrorist Groups Eliminated In Kazakhstan

Saturday, September 3, 2016 - 15:27

The National Security Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan announced the elimination of three radical groups that operated in Aktobe and West Kazakhstan provinces in the period August 12-30, 2016. As a result of the court sanctions, 10 people were arrested in West Kazakhstan Province, and 11 people in Aktobe Province. According to the press service of the Committee, its employees managed to prevent a number of terrorist attacks in public places, as well as attacks on law enforcement officers.


“Search the apartment where the participants of the radical groups lived, there were seized firearms and ammunition, improvised explosive device, TNT, knives, audio and printed materials of extremist content, as well as attributes of various international terrorist organizations. In addition, there were also found units of copying and computer equipment, special paper, counterfeit banknotes manufactured to finance the activities of the groups,” the press release reads.


In relation to members of these groups, the law enforcement agencies have initiated pre-trial investigation in accordance with several articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic. These include: propaganda of terrorism, incitement of national, social, racial, tribal, class or religious hatred, manufacture or sale of counterfeit money, and creating and coordinating a terrorist group.


In late June, Kazakhstan managed to neutralize a criminal radical group that planned to perform terrorist acts in the territory of Karaganda Province. Six people were arrested, and one person took his own life through suicide bombing. On August 18, the KNB of Alma-Ata Province eliminated a terrorist group that consisted of citizens of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

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