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The Terrorist Attack In Almaty: Four People Killed

Tuesday, July 19, 2016 - 21:27

On July 18, Almaty witnessed an attempt to attack a police station and the Department of State Security Committee of Kazakhstan. The attackers opened fire, and four people were killed – three police officers and one civilian. According to the initial report of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, one of the suspects was detained in hot pursuit. As reported later, his accomplice was also detained by law enforcement officials.


According to the ministry, the first of the detained attackers tried to enter the police station and injured one of the officers. The offender seized his gun, and then made an attempt to escape from the scene. He wounded two more policemen who were pursuing him, then he was shot and finally detained.


In the process of escaping, the attacker tried to steal a car and inflicted injuries incompatible with life to its owner.


As a result, the city has introduced the highest, “red” level of terrorist threat and announced an anti-terrorist operation. The Anti-Terrorist Center of Kazakhstan reported this information.


Worth noting, after the reports of a shootout, all the hunting shops in the city were closed. Also, the Ministry of Defense reported that the armed forces of Kazakhstan have been put into high alert mode. Currently, ammunition and weapons storage facilities are under heavy guard.


Worth recalling, this is not the first terrorist attack involving shooting in Kazakhstan. One and a half months ago, on June 5, a group of criminals committed a series of armed attacks in Aktobe, trying to occupy a military unit and two gun shops As a result, three soldiers and four local residents were killed.

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