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Parliament Of Kazakhstan Approves The Allocation Of $100 Million To Assist Kyrgyzstan

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 22:07

The lower chamber of the Kazakh parliament (the Majilis) has approved the ratification of the protocol, according to which Kyrgyzstan will receive the first tranche of the previously planned assistance (amounting to $100 million). Worth recalling, the parliament had approved the ratification of an agreement for the provision of the specified amount to the neighboring state. This assistance will be provided to the Kyrgyz side for implementation of the set of measures envisaged in the framework of the Road Maps for the Accession of Kyrgyzstan to the EEU.


In particular, the allocated funds will be used to improve the customs infrastructure of the Kyrgyz section of the customs border of the Union; to bring the sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary systems of Kyrgyzstan in line with the requirements of the association.


According to the Minister of National Economy of Kazakhstan, Timur Suleimenov, it complies to the interests of the republic to facilitate the process of equipping the Kyrgyz checkpoints located on the external contours of the EEU with the maximum assistance, especially taking into account the alleged abolishment of veterinary control at the Kazakh-Kyrgyz section of the state border. According to the minister, this measure will provide an opportunity to ensure the necessary level of security for goods that are imported from Kyrgyzstan into Kazakhstan.


According to the conclusion of the committee on budget and finance under the lower house of parliament, the assistance provided will be allocated in tranches and in stages. The registration of each tranche is carried out in the form of separate protocols on technical assistance, which approve the list of activities, cost estimates, terms, amounts and agencies authorized by the parties.


The protocol approved by the parliament provides for allocating the first tranche of assistance to Kyrgyzstan in the amount of over KZT2.4 billion (slightly more than $7.5 million). The source of its financing is the republican budget.

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