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Labor Migration In Kazakhstan: 2016 Statistics

Friday, February 17, 2017 - 18:59

On February 13, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Labor of Kazakhstan published the statistics on labor migration in 2016. According to the published information, last year the Kazakh employers mostly involved migrant workers from China (12,699 people) and Turkey (3,502 people), Uzbekistan (1,564 people), Great Britain (1,474 people) and India (1,388 people). Local executive bodies issued 36,792 permission to employers to hire foreign manpower for the performance of works in Kazakhstan.


Of this number, 2,076 permits were issued in the first category (managers and their deputies), and 7,043 permits in the second category (heads of departments). However, most of the permits were issued for the third and fourth categories — respectively, professionals (16,811 people) and skilled workers (8,542 people).


The report also says that 3,768 employers that attracted foreign labor force in 2016 also engaged citizens of Kazakhstan in the amount of 470,398 people, which is approximately 94 percent of the total number of their employees.


The Ministry also reminded that on January 1, 2017, Kazakhstan introduced a new simplified regime for foreign labor. It reduced the deadlines for issuance of work permits and canceled the administrative requirements for employers. Instead, the employers were obliged to pay the tax levy, which ranges from 137 to 250 monthly calculation index (1 MCI amounts to KZT2,269) – that is, from KZT290,000 to KZT530,000, depending on the industry and category of the engaged labor force.


In addition, according to the official data, in 2016, 210,000 foreigners were issued permits to work at households across Kazakhstan by the bodies of internal affairs.

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