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Kazakhstan's Parliament Adopts Amendments Regarding The Health Care Reform

Friday, May 5, 2017 - 02:08

The deputies of the lower chamber (Majilis) of the Kazakh parliament approved in the first reading a number of amendments to the current health care legislation. According to them, foreigners who reside in Kazakhstan permanently are provided an opportunity to receive treatment free of charge. According the Minister of Health Elzhan Birtanov, the draft law “On the introduction of a number of changes and additions to some health care legislative acts of Kazakhstan” envisages expanding the category of persons for whom the state will pay contributions as part of the compulsory social medical insurance.


These measures are taken to ensure the availability of medical care for the population and its maximum coverage. First and foremost, the expansion of the category will involve the unemployed, including oralmans, persons caring for a disabled child under the age of 18 year, unemployed foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Kazakhstan.


“The draft law envisages equaling the foreigners who permanently reside in Kazakhstan to the citizens of the republic. Such persons work and pay taxes in our country. Accordingly, they are classified as workers and shall be insured at the expense of their employers. As for children of the permanently residing foreigners and pensioners, we propose equaling them with the citizens of Kazakhstan,” the Minister of Health said.


The list of persons for whom the state will make the compulsory social insurance contributions also includes former students who have completed full-time training at organizations related to the system of higher, secondary, post-secondary, technical and professional, as well as postgraduate education. They will remain on the lists for three months after graduating.

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