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Kazakhstan Strengthening Safety Measures

Thursday, June 9, 2016 - 19:00

All Kazakh airports have tightened security measures due to introduction of the so-called “yellow-level” terrorist threat. The reason for this step was the attack of extremists on the military unit and weapon shops in the city of Aktobe on Sunday, June 5. Darkhan Katishev, chief state inspector and head of the aviation security department of the Civil Aviation Committee under the Ministry of Investment and Development of the Republic, announced this information to the reporters. “In accordance with the security rules approved by the government, we have sent the guidance concerning strengthening of security measures to all airports of Kazakhstan,” Katishev said. According to him, the airports are “facilities vulnerable to terrorist attacks.”


“There are always people, representatives of international organizations, foreign passengers. So, any illegal actions at airports are always a cause of public outcry. That is why in cases of a 'yellow-level' threat, the airports are the first to switch to the mode of strengthened security,” Katishev said. According to him, currently the airports, their perimeters, the facilities in their premises and the terminal are being patrolled in the 24/7 mode.


“The strengthening of aviation security measures includes screening of all persons who enter the airport building. This applies to passengers, airport employees, taxi drivers and seers-off. In this regard, I would recommend that passengers should arrive at the airport in advance,” Katishev said.


Worth recalling, at the present time, in addition to the general “yellow security level,” the counter-terrorist operation mode is activated in Aktobe Province.

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