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Kazakhstan To Introduce Licensing For Doctors

Friday, January 13, 2017 - 21:26

In 2020, Kazakhstan will introduce the procedure for compulsory licensing of doctors, based on an independent assessment of their skills and knowledge. As noted by specialists on this occasion, it will not only give an opportunity to raise the professional level of the medical staff. It will also create a competitive environment in the health-care industry. As for the patients, this innovation will enable them to choose the attending physician independently.


The examination to be passed by the doctors consists of two parts: theory and practice. In 2021, this innovation will affect medical students as well.


According to head of the Center for skills and knowledge evaluation at the Ministry of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Gulmira Zhangereeva, students will have to pass their first licensing exam in the third year of medical university. It will assess their knowledge of basic disciplines. Then, after an internship and in the first year of residency, the graduates will be required to pass a license exam to prove their knowledge.


According to chief of the Human Resources Department of the ministry Ulmira Nuralieva, the licensing administration will improve the quality of care and services, and increase the level of training of health workers. It also gives an opportunity to organize quality control of medical services in cases of violations or improper provision of service. Finally, there will be the possibility of suspending or withdrawing the license.


According to experts of the Center for skills and knowledge assessment under the Ministry, the process of introducing the new standards is assisted by members of the National Board of Medical Examiners of America.

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