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Kazakhstan To Introduce Electronic Health Passports In 2018

Sunday, May 14, 2017 - 15:36

On January 1, 2018, Kazakhstan will start the practical implementation of the project “Electronic Health Passports.” Minister of Health of the Republic Elzhan Birtanov reported the news on May 11. According to him, plans are afoot to complete the creation of electronic health passports by July 1; they will be filled in with data in the second half of the year. Worth recalling, the work on this project has been ongoing since 2015. Currently, it is already being tested in Astana, on the basis of the ninth clinic. From now on, instead of storing a traditional card in the registry, information about the patient and his visits to doctors will be stored on the computer.


“The passport will provide information on all the health parameters of the patient, which is necessary to provide these citizens with medical assistance. The citizens themselves will have the opportunity to receive information about their health and medical services, while moving freely around the country. The new format is especially important for medical workers: now they will be able to easily get acquainted with the patient's medical history and select the appropriate treatment,” the head of the Ministry of Health commented.


According to him, the task of his department is ensuring that the work of medical workers is as paperless as possible. “Today, this is a big problem. We have to do double work. After filling in the necessary paper documentation, our colleagues sit down and fill in the electronic documentation. Not every clinic has adequate equipment that would allow to completely switch to paperless format,” stated Birtanov.


After the full launch of the “Electronic Health Passports” project, every resident of Kazakhstan will be able to use their IIN to look through their medical passport.

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