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Kazakhstan Intends To Build A New-Type Power Plant

Sunday, July 2, 2017 - 13:46

Kazakhstan intends to build a gas power plant of a new type. This opportunity is currently being studied by the Eurasian Resource Group (ERG). The news was reported during a meeting of the Council of Foreign Investors by the chairman of the board of managers of this structure, Alexander Mashkevich, on June 22. “In terms of the prospects for waste-less production, we are currently conducting a research regarding the construction of an electric power station that uses ferro-alloy gas as a fuel, which is a by-product of the production of ferro-alloys,” he said.


According to Mashkevich, this project will provide an opportunity to “dramatically reduce the cost” of both electricity received within the overall production cycle and the produced ferro-alloys. The ERG's Board of Directors is currently considering an entire portfolio of projects envisaging the construction of renewable energy generation facilities in Kazakhstan. Their aggregate installed capacity is about 180 MW.


A. Mashkevich also specified that negotiations are underway about the use of solar power stations, wind power plants, and the construction of small hydroelectric power stations. “These initiatives will ensure that the energy balance of the group has the target share of renewable sources, which will be 3 percent of the total power generation,” he stated.


According to him, the group is already implementing a number of projects related to the sphere of “clean” energy. For example, the company is at the stage of pilot testing of a technology of burning various grades of coals, which involves a compact unit with high specific power. “This project is extremely important for the energy-deficient regions,” the ERG spokesman said.

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