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Kazakhstan Extends Moratorium On Amendments To Land Legislation

Monday, December 26, 2016 - 18:26

President Nursultan Nazarbayev signed the amendments to the existing legislation of Kazakhstan that provide for extension of the moratorium on certain provisions of the Land Code until 2021. According to the press service of the President, there is also suspended the effectiveness of the law “On introduction of a number of changes and additions to the Land Code of Kazakhstan,” which was adopted on November 2, 2015. Under the new law that has been passed by both chambers of parliament, the moratorium on application of certain provisions of the country's land laws is extended until 2021.


Worth recalling, in late 2015 Kazakhstan adopted a number of amendments to the Land Code, which, inter alia, provide for the sale of agricultural land to private ownership. However, the land will not be transferred in the private ownership of foreigners and repatriates, but only rented for a period of 25 years.


In spring 2016, the social networks of Kazakhstan witnessed the launch of a campaign against the sale of agricultural land to private ownership because of fears that the land can be sold to foreigners. Moreover, those who did not agree with the changes in the Land Code held unsanctioned rallies in a number of cities.


In early May, the President of Kazakhstan announced the moratorium until 2017 the provisions of the Land Code that had caused the public outcry. He then adopted the law that suspends certain provisions of the Land Code. In accordance with the law, until the end of 2016, agricultural land will not be provided to foreign legal and natural persons, stateless persons and legal entities with foreign participation.


On instruction of the President of Kazakhstan, a commission on land reform was established in the country. At the meeting held on August 18, it was decided to extend the moratorium on amendments to the Land Code for 5 years.

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