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Kazakhstan To Establish A Facility For Production Of Soda Ash

Saturday, July 1, 2017 - 21:39

By 2020, Kazakhstan plans to establish a facility for production of soda ash, which will ensure the supply of glass of Kazakhstan's own production. The project will be implemented in the territory of Kyzylorda Province within the framework of the second five-year period of industrial and innovative development (2015-2019). According to representatives of the regional administration, the new plant will be built in Aralsk by a joint venture comprising the Kazakh company “Araltuz” and the Chinese company “Qinghai Desheng Soda Ash Industrial.” To date, a bilateral agreement on establishment of this joint venture has already been concluded. Its authorized capital is approximately KZT17.5 billion.


In accordance with the project, the annual productive capacity of the plant is 300,000 tons of raw materials. In total, the construction of the facility will require an investment in the amount of KZT87.5 billion. As of today, 100 hectares of land have already been allocated for the construction site.


This is not the first attempt to create a plant for production of soda ash in Kazakhstan. A similar project was included in the first five-year plan (2010-2014). However, it was never implemented. Now, according to experts, the decisive positive factor may be the participation of Chinese investors.


Worth noting, at present Kazakhstan does not have its own facility for production of soda ash. The country's needs are fully satisfied by deliveries from Russia in the amount of 400,000 tons per year. The main consumers of this type of raw materials are the metallurgical and chemical industry, as well as glass production facilities. At the end of 2017, Kyzylorda plan to put into operation a plant for production of sheet glass. This enterprise will become one of the largest consumers of soda ash.


According to the geological prospecting data, Kazakhstan has large reserves of raw materials for soda production. In the Aral Sea alone, such reserves exceed 40 million cubic meters.

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