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Kazakh Citizens To Be Deprived Of Citizenship For Joining Terrorist Structures

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 - 20:07

The threat of deprivation of citizenship may prevent citizens of Kazakhstan from entering into terrorist organizations. President of the Republic Nursultan Nazarbayev made such a statement in an interview for local media. According to him, preventive work was carried out with the returnees; however, this yielded no practical results. “That's why it was decided to prevent them from returning home,” Nazarbayev stressed.


“In accordance with the Kazakh legislation, if a citizen of our country has left and joined the ranks of any terrorist or extremist organization, he or she will not be able to return to the homeland because he or she will automatically lose their citizenship. This is a forced measure. 500-600 Kazakh people are in the Islamic State at present; the total number of its participants coming from the republics of the former Soviet Union totals about 5,000 people, if not more. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to take such measures to ensure that people cease to join the ranks of terrorists,” the Kazakh president noted.


Earlier, a number of additions were made to the Constitution of Kazakhstan, which envisage that the deprivation of citizenship can take place only by a court decision, under the articles for terrorist activities, as well as causing grave harm to the vital interests of Kazakhstan. In addition, the Ministry of Justice of the republic developed the concept of the draft law “On amendments to some legislative acts of Kazakhstan related to the issues of bringing them in line with the current Constitution of the country.”


In addition, it is proposed to deprive citizenship under the articles, such as treason, mercenary, separatist activity, act of terrorism, creation and management of an extremist group or participation in its activities, protection of individuals or organizations, and a number of others.

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