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The Astana Gazification Issue To Be Solved In The Near Future

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 16:39

In the coming months, the issue of gasification of the city of Astana will be resolved. Mayor of the capital of Kazakhstan Aset Isekeshev gave this promise while delivering a speech at the session of the Astana Economic Forum titled “Sustainable and smart cities of the future.” The head of the city said, “We have come very close to making a decision regarding the gasification of Astana. Many economic issues have already been worked out, including logistics. The decision will be made in the near future, and we are expecting a positive result. Today, several options are being considered and the meeting on this issue is likely to be held in June-July.”


According to A. Isekeshev, they have already started the work on the projects for switching the urban public transport to gas fuel. In particular, a re-gasification station has been built, and Nazarbayev University is switching to a heating system that uses natural gas.


“As compared with coal, the emission reduction will be in the range of 70-90 percent. We are launching a joint energy saving and energy efficiency project with the Energy Saving Institute under the Ministry of Development and Investment for projects such as hospitals, schools and kindergartens. The first projects implemented in the city have showed that such simple solutions allow to save up to 50 percent. We need to completely switch to energy efficiency,” Isekeshev said.


According to the Mayor of Astana, about 50 facilities related to renewable energy have been installed in the capital. “So far these projects are small: for example, solar lights, electric cars and other projects based on solar, wind and hybrid technologies. Of course, it will not play a big role right now; however, it is very important to change the people's thinking to accommodate the new ways,” he summed up.

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