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Astana Economic Forum In The Capital Of Kazakhstan

Monday, June 19, 2017 - 03:30

During the recent Astana Economic Forum held in the capital of Kazakhstan, its participants discussed such key topics as sustainable economic growth, global infrastructure and trade, green economy and innovations. Within two days of the forum's work (June 15-16), discussions were held regarding the current trends in the development of the world economy and the strengthening of global cooperation. The event was held under the motto “New Energy – New Economy.” According to its organizers, it was participated by more than 2,500 delegates, including well-known politicians, heads of large companies, Nobel laureates and experts in the field of economics.


The AEF program included a total of 20 panel sessions, conferences and roundtables involving various international organizations and transnational companies.


The forum participants analyzed the state of the global economy and outlined the prospects for sustained growth during the coming years against a background of the emerging uncertainties. According to experts, both developed and emerging markets are currently dealing with slow growth rates in investment, trade and production.


The forum participants also discussed ways to overcome the consequences of the slowdown in world productivity and trade. They expressed concern over the growing level of protectionism.


Among other topics, the forum participants considered the creation of Eurasian transit corridors, the measures to improve the efficiency of multimodal transport, the revival of the Silk Road and the role of interstate cooperation in developing international transport corridors.


A separate session was devoted to the analysis of climate policy and its influence on the country's budget.


The organizers of the Astana Economic Forum are the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan, the Kazakhstan Foundation for Economic Initiatives and the Institute for Economic Research of Kazakhstan.

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