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Almaty To Host The Sixth Innovative Forum Of Kazakhstan

Wednesday, July 5, 2017 - 13:33

On June 30, the sixth Innovation Forum will be held in Almaty. More than 500 Kazakh and foreign experts and start-upers engaged in the field of innovative technologies will take part in this event. Representatives of the mayor's office of the southern capital of Kazakhstan announced the news at the Central Communications Office in Astana on June 26. They also described the main features of the forum. It will be held in the territory of the exhibition complex “Atakent.” The main theme of the event is the new concept “Innovation 4.0.”


In addition, the forum participants will discuss the possibilities of creating innovative ecosystems and the introduction of Smart City technologies.


“We plan to discuss the introduction of innovative technologies to address the most pressing urban problems. As of today, Almaty already has a fairly large platform for innovative decisions. The city has more than 80 scientific research institutes, 38 higher educational institutions with about 130,000 students. 87 percent of Kazakhstan's start-ups and innovators are based in this city. In addition, the free economic zone “Alatau” acts as an innovative aggregating platform. 154 companies have already been registered here. 58 companies operate there; the total number of employees in the park of innovative technologies exceeds 4,000 people. The volume of products produced by these companies totals about KZT113 billion, and this figure continues to increase,” said Almas Madiyev, the head of the department of industrial-innovative development and entrepreneurship of Almaty.


According to him, the city authorities plan to launch the Open Almaty project this year. In addition, plans are afoot to increase the volume of state support in this area.

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