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Japan to build a nuclear power plant in Turkey

Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 19:05

Japan is the leading country in terms of guarantees of seismic safety of buildings and structures, which ensured its victory in the tender for the construction of nuclear power plant (NPP) in Sinop, the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey reported to RIA Novosti on Monday.

"Japan has accumulated the vast experience in the construction of NPPs as well as for protection against earthquakes. Therefore, we believe that the country will make a great contribution to the development of nuclear energy in Turkey," - said Mehmet Arik, the representative of the press service of the Ministry.

According to him, the technology of building nuclear reactors Atmea 1, which Japan proposed to Turkey, belongs to the latest technologies generation. Japan learnt lessons from the accident at the "Fukushima" and increased seismic safety of reactors of this type. The proposed to Turkey construction technology of the reactor ensures its safety in an earthquake of magnitude 9 points.

In general two NPPS is scheduled to be operational within 10 years in Turkey. The NPP "Akkuyu" near the city of Mersin is built by Russia; the NPP in Sinop will be built by Japan.

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