Traditions of the Kyrgyz people were being formed with the help of economic, trade, domestic and other relations with kindred and other tribes that were closely related to the geography of their ha...

After the coup of 19 March 1953 in the socio-political history of Iran there were fundamental changes: the powers of parliament were limited and the absolute power of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi was...

In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Iran are two countries that claim to leadership in the region. With a powerful resources and political potential these countries are the...



1 Jan New Year's Day.
8 Mar International Women's Day.
9 Mar Prophet's Birthday.
21 Mar Navruz (Persian New Year).
1 May Labour Day.
9 May Day of Memory and Respect.
1 Sep Independence Day.
21 Sep Hait (End of Ramadan).
28 Nov Qurban-Hait (Feast of the Sacrifice).
8 Dec Constitution Day.